Course content:
• Generation of high voltages AC-DC-IMP
• Measuring of high voltages AC-DC-IMP
• Introduction in diagnosis (PD and DPF measurement)
• Gaseous dielectrics
• Liquid dielectrics
• Solid dielectrics
• Calculation of electrical fields in homogenous dielectrics
• Calculation of electrical fields in inhomogeneous dielectrics

Learning objectives:
Subject-specific competencies:
• Students achieve knowledge of basic application of high voltage engineering in electrical power engineering
• Students acquire a deep understanding of generation and measurement technolo-gy of high AC and impulse voltages
• Students experience security demands in high voltage laboratories
• Students achieve knowledge of basics of insulating materials and calculation of electrical field strength under quasi stationary conditions Methodological compe-tencies:
• Students deepens the basics of electric field calculation.
Methodological competencies:
• Students analyze the interdependencies between grid performance and insulation design by combining theory of design and testing with tests in the laboratory as well as simulations.
Interdisciplinary competencies:
• Students deepen the ability to work in groups on tasks using scientific literature.

Literature and other sources of information:
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Selection of references:
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Sprache Englisch
Dozent Gunter Voigt
Fakultät EI
Technisch / Wirtschaftlich Technisch
Studiengänge Automobil­informations­technik (AIT)
Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik (EIB)
Intelligente Mobilitätssysteme (IMS)
Internationales Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (IWI)
Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen Elektro- und Informationstechnik (EIW)
Plätze -
Semester WS 2023/24